The Rules (Read the rules first before you make your character)

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The Rules (Read the rules first before you make your character) Empty The Rules (Read the rules first before you make your character)

Post by Tamara Moon on Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:24 am

Failure to follow any rules could result in account suspension or termination.

There will be no bullying, harassment, attempts to start fights, etc.

There will be no discrimination towards any gender, religion, race, political party, etc.

We ask that you do not hold grudges that originated on other sites, or in real life.

•Multiple or Shared Accounts
Do not share your account with anyone, or make a second account. This gives you an advantage over other role-players, since you could vote twice, or apply for a job with two accounts.

In role-plays, posts must be at least five sentences, and in OOC (out of character) posts, there must be at least five words.

•Don't make your Character just like a Canon Character
A canon character is a character from the books. Sure, Grover may be your favorite, but making a character named Elmo Overwood who plays the reed pipes badly and whose life dream is to be a searcher is unrealistic and annoying, especially to the person who plays Grover.

Do not kill off any character, not even your own. There may be a situation in which a hero is fighting a monster, but neither can kill each other. You may be wounded, but you cannot die. If you are a hero who wishes to fight and kill some kind of monster, make your own hellhound or cyclops that isn't controlled by anyone.

•No God-Moding
God-Moding is where everything your character does works perfectly. For example, if your character was in some kind of duel:
"So-and-So shot fire from his fingertips, instantly slaying his foe."
You can see how this would get annoying.

This is when someone takes control of a character that isn't their own. You only have control of your own character, and any people you choose to add that aren't controlled by someone else.

•No Cheating
This includes influencing votes or awards unfairly, exploiting coding loopholes, and bribing or accepting bribes.

•Innapropriate Content or Foul Language
This website is designed for all ages, so we ask that you keep everything PG rated.

•Arguing with Staff
Do not try to argue with the staff if they are doing their job. We will have a complaint system up soon if you have a problem with the way a staff member is handling something, so don't take it up with them personally.

Whether by use of codes or otherwise, hacking is taken very seriously. We will aways press for the strongest charges and penalties available.

•Text Speak
Text speak, such as 'omg' or 'lol', is forbidden in role-plays on Half-Blood Hill. This also includes using 'u' for you or 'r' for are, etc. It draws away from the role-play. It is permitted in the out of character threads, though, but discouraged.

•Spelling and Grammar
We know that nobody's perfect, but we ask that you go back and check your work after finishing writing a role-play, to make sure that your spelling and grammar areOly as good as possible.
•No Mary-Sues
Mary-Sues are characters that have unrealistic traits beyond those expected in the average Percy Jackson book. An example of this would be a character that is amazingly attractive, and has lead a very tragic life. She never suffers from her tragic life, and is generally portrayed as misunderstood and unfairly prosecuted.

•No Larry-Stus
This is the male version of Mary-Sue. Along with the traits that she has, he typically has very solitary behavior, and a high disregard for authority.

•No Meta-Gaming
This is when your character automatically knows information about a person or thing, without ever having learned it. For example, a person knowing someone else's name and full history, even though they haven't ever met each other.

•Keep to Canon Situations
This especially applies if you're a canon character, but is not limited to that. For example: Annabeth would not suddenly decide she wanted to host her own talk show instead of being an architect. For non-canons, an example would be Percy falling head-over-heels in love with your character. This also includes keeping to Rick Riordan's version of Greek Mythology. Since Hestia isn't one of the Olympians in his books, she can't be one in your role-plays.

•Only Role-Play as your Own Character
You cannot start or join a role-play as Chiron if you didn't sign up as him. If you sign up as John Doe, then you must continue to role-play as John Doe, and no one else.

•OOC (out of character ) Posts
There is a whole forum for OOC posts, so keep them to a minimum when roleplaying. If you have to say something out of character while role-playing, put it in double parenthesis, like ((this)).

•Closed and Open Role-Plays
When starting a role-play, mark it in the subject as 'open' or 'closed'. Open means anyone can join, no matter species they are. Closed means only those invited can join. If you want to join a closed role-play, don't post asking if you can join. Talk the the person who sat it up outside of the thread in a private message. The majority of role-plays on Half-Blood Hill will be open.

A portrayer is a famous person, commonly an actor or actress, who looks much like your character, and is used in your character's graphics. Portrayers and graphics are optional, but many people here at Half-Blood Hill choose to use them. We ask that, unless your character has an identical twin, that you not use the same portrayer. This makes it very confusing for other players. As The Demigod's Home gains more members, there will be a face claim page up and working.

•Personal Information
Don't reveal any personal information about yourself on this website. This includes last name, location, phone number, email, etc. Also, don't post any photos of yourself.

Canon Only Rules

These rules below only apply to canon characters, (characters directly from the books) or people who wish to apply as canon characters.

•Canon Portrayers
We ask that, once you have come up with a portrayer for your character, that you have it checked with one of the administrators. This is simply to prevent people from choosing face claims that look nothing like how the characters are intended to look.

•Internet time
We ask that people who play canon characters get on The Demigod;s Home at least twice a week. This obviously excludes vacations, illness, etc. If one of those things comes up, be sure to let an administrator know as far in advance as possible. If you are absent for over a month without notification, we have the right to re-open applications for your character.
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