One Day You're Dead, the Next You're Immortal! ((Closed to Lysander and Deigo))

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Post by Sarvani on Thu Jul 08, 2010 9:28 pm

When Lysander said that he didn't think getting out of there would be as easy as she had just said, Vani couldn't help but give him a bit of a glare. He had just said that they should get out of there and now he was saying it wouldn't be as easy as saying it? Well of course it wouldn't be that easy, it took more then a couple of words to leave. The way he had said it was as if it would be close to impossible to just leave. Guys. . . she thought to herself as she rolled her eyes. They needed to be specific on what they said and how they said it. It could all be very confusing sometimes.

When the woman spoke, she seemed very full of herself and it was not impressive at all. Of course when Lysander cracked a joke about that being some sort of anteater she couldn't help but grin. It was pretty funny, and her reaction was just priceless. Of all times now was not the time to burst out laughing, and she didn't. Hearing a rant about Australia and some kid named Percy Jackson would make anyone laugh on a normal day, but today was no normal day.

Of course from the roll that Lysander was on, he just seemed to ruin it by adding that he had sent her 'kids' to Tartarus. The way he had said it had just kind of messed up what he had said before. In her opinion, he had gone from aggrivating to annoying in just a few words. It was a bit funny how similar the two were, but at the same time how far apart they were.

As Vani stood there listening to the two pick at each other, she couldn't help but notice how monsters kept popping up around them. Sure this woman was psycho, but she obviously had some serious power. Psycho+Serious Power= Bad for Vani and Lysander.

Right in front of the woman a small dog stood there. Slowly it grew, all the while barking and growling with drool gathering up in its mouth. It grew and grew until Vani couldn't even tell you what it looked like. It just seemed. . . . . deformed, or a freak of nature, probably both. None the less it was still pretty intimidating. So intimidating that the average person would be running in circles screaming, but all she could do was look from monster to monster. It was almost as if she was trying to target which was the weakest of them, which she could take down the easiest.

"Yeah, you just had to open your big mouth," Vani said to Lysander as her eyes kept jumping about. Why couldn't I just have died like every other normal person? She asked herself as she stood ready for anything that decided to attack.

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