Heading out or coming in?

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Heading out or coming in? Empty Heading out or coming in?

Post by Diego Aspen on Fri Jun 04, 2010 1:32 pm

So, this is a place to let people know when you're going to be absent for any span of time for any reason. You also post when you return, too! :]

Sooo, I already posted this on the Hill, but I thought I should repeat it here:

I'm leaving for Hawaii on a school-ish trip for a month pretty soon. I get an environmental science credit, so it's pretty cool, and I'll have lots of things to tell you guys about and show you guys things like pictures when I get back, so it'll be fun! Very Happy If I have computer access, I may get on Demigod's Home, but I doubt it. Mom'll be a chaperon, so she'll be like, ">:[ No." at my computering, so yes. >> I mean, I get to scuba dive with manta rays, so I dunno if I'll want to get on the computer, but we'll see! XD

Anyway, I'm leaving on June 7th and I'll be returning on July 9th!! Just thought I should post this so that you guys know!!

Check you guys later!
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