Tour of Camp (Chase and Sage)

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Tour of Camp (Chase and Sage) Empty Tour of Camp (Chase and Sage)

Post by Castor Knight on Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:27 am

((Puppet mastering, but I have permission))

"So where are we going next, Sage?" Castor asked his older sister.

"The mess hall. Sitting at the Hermes table isn't as bad as it was when I was here as a kid, because there's less people," Sage replied, putting her arms around both Chase and Castor's shoulders. "And another thing. Don't upset the Poseidon kids around me. Water is hell on my hair." Castor could tell that Sage was partialy jokaing and partially not. She shied away from anything having to do with water, because it would either mess up her outfit or make her hair go crazy. That was odd, because Castor had never seen his sister without perfect hair or anything less than the perfect pair of clothes. Well, every boy Sage would walk by obviously thought it was the perfect pair of clothes.

Castor shrugged that thought off and walked a little bit faster so that he was no longer slowing Sage and Chase down. He took one look at the dining pavilion and began shaking his head. Castor did not like the rain. He hated pretty much anything that involved getting wet. "I don't want to eat there. What happens when it rains?"

"It can't rain. Dionysus controls the weather." Sage answered.

"He seems grumpy, though. I bet he'd make it rain during one of his godly mood swings."

Sage laughed and pulled Cass and Chase forward into the mess hall. "So, yeah. The tables are basically sorted out just like the cabins are. Until we get claimed, we're over there at the Hermes table. The food here is pretty healthy and prepared by the nymphs each night. The best part of your food goes over there into the fire for the gods. They, apparently, enjoy the smell of burning grapes and bread rolls. I've never understood it."

Castor laughed and listened carefully throughout all of what Sage was saying, making mental notes. "Why do you think you weren't claimed?" The question had burst from his lips before he could stop it. Immediately, Castor felt his face flush with embarrassment.
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