Immortal Baby-sitter ((Open)) ((PG-13))

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Immortal Baby-sitter ((Open)) ((PG-13)) Empty Immortal Baby-sitter ((Open)) ((PG-13))

Post by Sir Garrett on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:51 pm

"Forget them, Garrett," Nemesis whispered in his ear, "They are nothing to you, Son of Gods." Garrett shivered as he nodded. The colours swirled...
Garrett stood over the king's bed, bloody knife in hand. He had done it for the good of all people. For Her. For immoratlity. Another mixture of violent sounds and colours, striking his mind at once...
Garrett stood alone in her tall tower, looking down at Mt. Olympus. Not human enough for Earth, no immortal enough to roam amongst the gods. He would be forever stuck here, in her chambers, forever alive, but able to die in a moment. "Garrett?" Her voice was like silk, sliding around him, and he couldn't help but turn.
"Yes, my mistress?" When she smiled, it was like black velvet, dark and tempting. He had already been broken once. He had been stuck in this room for almost 200 years now. What more could she ask from him?
"You are, of course, aware of the camp of demigods, in Earth's America?" He nodded slowly, afraid of what trouble this might land him in. "My own children are allowed in their sacred place now, Garrett. I need someone to be there for them. I... I do not trust my 'family's' guard. I need you to watch them." He nodded once more, and, again, she smiled. "Wonderful. Be safe, my knight..."

Garrett woke up on a hardwood floor surrounded by face he did not know. Groaning, he forced himself to sit up. Something was wrong. This place was too bright, too loud, too... just too much. Garrett closed his eyes again. In the span of three seconds he had gone from Lady Nemesis's Warrior to a baby-sitter for a bunch of children. "Ohh... this never gets easier."

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